Alan Neale

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“Does God have a sense of humor? Is humor divine?” A series of four classes in February at 9am. Trinity Church, Newport, RI. The Reverend Alan Neale


[The laughing baby is grandson Colin.]


By popular demand (well, one person asked) I am presenting a series I first shared in early 1991. It’s all about humor and the divine/human condition. Amazing to me the manila files of notes survived relatively extant through six moves, indestructible like… Marmite?

I’m more than overwhelmed  by the amount of material I gathered way back in 1991. Though I have not returned to this material for over twenty-five years, I have definitely returned again and again to the core need for humor given life experiences (both mine and that of others).

So, we have four weeks to reflect a little about the nature, impact, diversity and nurture of humor in our lives. In the PBS series “Victoria” (worth seeing), the Queen (apropos Lord Melbourne) commented, “Oh the English take things seriously, they just don’t think they should show it.” Um?

As the weeks progress, I’ll do my best to post the notes and conversation highlights.

But, if you can, come to one or more the sessions – every Sunday in February, 9am Honyman Hall, Trinity Church, Newport RI