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Bruce Feiler on “Adam and Eve” – romance and relationship”

This article by the eloquent and engaging Bruce Feiler, published in the Wall Street Journal, is well worth a read (if not two).

And what do these archetypal couple teach us – “Constancy… Counterbalance… and A Joint Narrative”

Adam & Eve And Us

Extracts from Mark Twain’s “Extracts from Adam’s Diary” and “Autobiography of Eve”…

“It used to be so pleasant and quiet her. I foresee trouble. Will emigrate” – Adam

“He talks very little. Perhaps it is because he is not bright and is sensitive about it” – Eve

“I see I should be lonesome and depressed without her” – Adam

“I love him with all the strength of my passionate nature… It is my prayer, it is my longing, that we may pass from this life together” – Eve.