Alan Neale

Relationships / Weddings

A Glorious Reminder of A Rittenhouse Square Wedding… thank you, Kelly… and Josh!

Alan is a superb human being and any couple would be overjoyed to know that Alan makes a true investment in you as a couple as you enter into holy matrimony. My name is Kelly Lewis, and I lived in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia from 2003-2006. I lived just down the street from the Church of the Holy Trinity. I used to pass by daily peeking inside but only for a few seconds to see the beautiful paintings and numerous stained glass windows. I fell in love with the church but not having grown up with religion, I admit I felt intimidated and somewhat shy to enter. You should now know that Alan has a witty sense of humor. As I was walking by one day, I saw Alan and he said to me jokingly, “You can come in, you know?” This was the beginning of our beautiful friendship. In the spirit of honesty, I did not attend services regularly but did when I could. My significant other, Josh and I became engaged in Alaska in 2008 and it was without question that I knew Alan Neale would be the one to marry us. Alan’s education combined with his humor, honesty, and candor helped to provide support and preparation for us as a couple entering into our marriage so that we could freely express our hopes, expectations and commitment to one another. The two sessions that we had together prior to our wedding day were meaningful and helped to affirm our willingness to enter into marriage. I would implore you to meet with Alan a few times to take advantage of this opportunity too. On our wedding day, Alan was remarkable. He was entertaining, charming, and delivered a sermon that spoke to us a couple, where we have been and where we were going. Alan brought great meaning to his sermon and spoke to us with conviction and great purpose. We received many complements on our choice to use Alan and I would happily advise you to use him too.