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Parents’ Praise – very, very special for me to read!

Often parents take me aside during rehearsals or after weddings and thank me for the ways in which I have supported their children preparing not only for their wedding but also for their marriage. The parents are grateful that a personal link has been created and who knows when that link may be of value in the future?
I have omitted names, dates and places out of respect for those involved but I can show anyone the email if they wish!!!
Dear Reverend Neale,
We cannot begin to express our joy and pleasure at the service that you performed for our daughter and her husband at — on September —.  During the whole planning process we stressed to both of them to focus on the MARRIAGE and not necessarily the wedding and that their union was the most important part of the day.  The service that you performed was so perfect and meaningful to not only the bridal couple but to all in attendance.  In your few meetings with them, you managed to capture their personalities and made the service so intimate and special!!!
So many of our guests from all religious backgrounds commented on the beauty of the service and the church.  We just wanted to express a heartfelt thank you for all that you did to make the ceremony more perfect than we could have ever hoped.  It was obvious to us that everyone in attendance loved both — and were so happy for them and your words confirmed that joy to all. 
Kind regards,
(bride’s parents)