Alan Neale


Now, I understand

For over thirty years Alan Neale has spoken with passion, relevance, authenticity and humor of themes that are profound and pressing; the profound he makes simple and accessible, the pressing he makes immediate and welcoming. All these years past have provided little time for Alan to write extensively and so now he begins a long-postponed desire and there are many themes waiting to be translated into books; the task is daunting and enthralling and he longs to begin in 2015

Sermon “Mixed Feelings about Mixed Feelings”. Sunday July 9, 2017. Trinity Church, Newport RI. The Reverend Alan Neale

  The experience of “mixed feelings” is, I believe, intricately linked to the whole business of unrealistic or unconsidered expectations. But, frankly, though we “can’t live with them” neither can we “live without them” – at least, this side of eternity. So we urgently need someone to rescue us and provide a temporary pause, albeit… Continue reading