Alan Neale


Wedding Matters

All want their wedding to be personal and welcoming, dignified and humorous, profound and celebratory. Such hopes align perfectly with those of Alan Neale who after hundreds of weddings has constantly been praised and thanked for wedding services as never experienced before. Alan believes that the your wedding should express your hopes and expectations for marriage

Sermon “It’s never too late, you’re never too old” Trinity Church, Newport Rhode Island. Sunday March 12 2017. The Reverend Alan Neale

Below the sermon audio is the sermon text; the passage from John 3 with its talk of being “born again” and of “God so loving the world…” suffers the danger of over-familiarity. Please God, let it not be so. After the sermon, I suggested that some people might be puzzled, challenged, concerned about the sermon;… Continue reading

“The Most Beautiful and Healthy Path of Mindfulness while… Getting Married.” Christine Bevilacqua – Event Planner Extraordinaire.

It seems a very long time ago now, actually sometime in Spring 2015, I asked Christine Bevilacqua if she would come speak to a church group about the practice of mindfulness. Christine accepted the invitation and within a very short time facilitated the group to think and… practice mindfulness. Good job, Christine. I had already… Continue reading

What a joy for me to read this note!

There are couples who prefer to choose an officiant who will attend the ceremony and perform the legal part of the ceremony; it is their wedding. Others, though, look for an officiant who will give time to begin to get to know them; an officiant who will walk the fine but elegant line between presenting… Continue reading