Alan Neale

Transition Coach

It’s Happening Now

In more than thirty years Alan Neale has accompanied, supported and helped guide those in transition. Transition from single to couple, from closet to openly gay. The doors of transition have been marked age, employment, failing health and so much more. Alan’s work as Transition Coach is shaped by the beliefs that no-one is called to be alone in their journey, that strength is needed for the journey and that there is an “eloquence of the now” to which attention must be given. Everyone, every day is in transition; Alan is for you an experienced, sensitive, alert companion in the journey

“To Stay Married, Embrace Change” – NYT 4/21/17 Ada Calhoun

Embrace change – embrace life! A couple of years ago, it seemed as if everyone I knew was on the verge of divorce. “He’s not the man I married,” one friend told me. “She didn’t change, and I did,” said another. And then there was the no-fault version: “We grew apart.” Emotional and physical… Continue reading

“Class #3 Hospitality of the Mind” – Sunday March 19th 2017, Trinity Church Newport RI. The Reverend Alan Neale

This morning (at 9am) the teaching series on “Hospitality” continues, today “Hospitality of the Mind.” Closed hearts tend to be inhospitable and so do closed minds. The spiritual vocation to renewal is a vocation to consider, even consider again, new ideas and new perspectives. Again it is important to consider what it is that makes… Continue reading

“Making Decisions – the Process” – A Series of Three Studies presented by Alan Neale. Sundays January 15-29th, 2017 at 9am. Honyman Hall, Trinity Church, Newport RI

Some years back Malcolm Gladwell published “Blink”; in the book he argued well that we seem to have lost the ability to hear and follow the immediate decisions of our hearts and have surrendered this to a long process of decision-making. I agree… in part. Decision-making occurs throughout our days – from the minute and… Continue reading